Important Notice

There is a certain group claiming to have been formerly "Friends of Lakeside", please be advised this is our registered name and this other group never had legal registration or moral use of this name.

This name has been in use since January 2002 through correspondence to CAMS, Pine Rivers Shire Council (PRSC), and the Queensland Enviromental Protection Agency (Queensland Heritage Council), by the founders Robert Hardacre and Trevor "Shelby" Beutel for the campaign to Heritage list Lakeside. The heritage listing endeavour was to persuade the PRSC to create a motoring future, including a motorsporting museum and rider/driver safety training facilities.

Robert Hardacre whom nominated Lakeside for Heritage, was then joined by Trevor Beutel who requested the "Stop Action" and further supplied historical information to the Heritage project research team. Succeeding some 10 months later in the provisional listing. Official correspondence from Heritage council goes only the two parties concerned, PRSC and Robert Hardacre (Friends of Lakeside).

I, Trevor "Shelby" Beutel wish to state that a certain group has no priveledge or rights to improper claims that they had anything to do with the heritage listing of Lakeside International Raceway. This is not to exclude the motorsporting, car and motorcycle clubs, and other interested groups and business organisations that have assisted this project.

"Friends of Lakeside" would like make it known that certain parties have made 'unofficial' notification that Lakeside International Raceway is now heritage listed, and have done so with NO Official Documentation. Friends of Lakeside have held a media embargo on our press release dated April 30th as a courtesy to the Queensland Heritage Council in order to allow official receipt of formal notification to PRSC and Robert Hardacre (Friends of Lakeside co-founder).